Decorative Stones

Product can be purchased wholesale or retail, with delivery service available upon request. For clients who require delivery, we offer competitive rates on grader services to level and spread the gravel, as well as compactors to help keep the material in place.


Blue Crusher Dust

Blue Crusher Dust – This product is sourced from a quarry and is made up of ¼” and smaller sized stones. It is blue and grey in colour and is unwashed. Crusher dust is typically used under pools, paving stones, and is also used in walkways.

Blue Crusher Gravel Truro, NS Blue Crusher Gravel Will Kare Paving Truro, NS Blue Crusher gravel - landscaping supplies, Colchester, NS


1-2” Roofing Stone

This product is varies in colours from blue, grey, pink and brown and is typically used decoratively.

Roofing decorative gravel Nova Scotia Roofing gravel used in a driveway


3/8” Crushed Chips

This product is a washed stone, typically blue, grey and pink in colour. It can be used in areas such as play grounds, dog kennels and decoratively as well.

Crushed Chips Crushed chips for play centre


½” Blue Chips

This is a clean product that is typically blue and grey in colour. It can be used decoratively or in walkways, driveways and paths.

small blue decorative driveway gravel



Blue/Grey Pet Rocks

This product comes in various larger sizes to be used decoratively. It is typically different variations of blue and grey in colour.

Pet decorative rocks, Truro, Nova Scotia Large ornamental rocks for landscaping, Nova Scotia Pet Rocks, Truro, NS